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Pre 1933 Gold Coins

Diversification is key when investing in gold coins. May we suggest Pre-1933 gold coins such as the world famous Saint Gaudens legal tender U.S. Government issued coins?  Pre-1933 coins have a track record of success in the rare coin market.   Minted between 1839 and 1907 these beautiful gold coins each have a story to tell from a golden era of this one of a kind great Nation. Certified Pre-1933 gold combined with modern gold can give you a well rounded portfolio with opportunity for growth and wealth preservation.


US Gold Firm has team members that are Pre-1933 gold coin experts, as well as Gold Specialist and other industry experts. It is the more than 40 years of combined experience that you employ when you decide to make your next precious metal investment with advice from US Gold Firm. 

11 Coins Found

Indian Head Eagle $10 1907-1933

The Indian Head Eagle is just as rich in history as it is in value. Minted from...

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Indian Head Half Eagle $5 1908-1929 BU

The $5 Indian Head Eagle Gold coin is rich in history for many reasons. It...

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Indian Head Quarter Eagle $2.50 1908-1929 BU

The $2.50 Indian Head and its sister $5 coin were the first to depict an American...

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Indian Princess $3 1854–1889

Though it’s not clear why the $3 Indian Princess coin was created it is considered...

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Indian Princess, Large Head $1 1856-1889

The Indian Princess Gold Dollar was designed by James B. Longacre in 1854 who...

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Indian Princess, Small Head $1 1854-1856

The Liberty Head Gold Dollar, designed by James B. Longacre, is the smallest...

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Liberty Head Double Eagle $20 1849-1907

The production of gold coins in the United States seems to directly mirror...

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Liberty Head Eagle $10 1838-1907

The $10 Liberty, or Coronet as it is sometimes called, was designed by Christian...

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Liberty Head Quarter Eagle $2.50 1840-1907

The $2.50 Liberty Half Quarter holds the record for having the longest spanning...

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Liberty Head Type I, No Motto $1 1849 – 1854

The $1 Type I Liberty Head coin is the smallest coin to ever be produced by...

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Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle "The Saint" $20 1907-1933

The Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle takes its name from famous American sculptor...

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