Why Own Gold

Disclaimer: The following topics are not US Gold Firms opinions nor are they topics we like to discuss.  However, during a crisis of uncertainty we feel it is imperative to look at all facts that can help one make an informed decision whether, or whether not to own gold.

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The United States Mint is devoted to the production of beautiful coins, guaranteeing precious metals investors’ satisfaction. Made from some of the finest gold in the world, U.S. gold coins are stricken at the highest, possible quality and begin as 99.99 percent pure gold bars. Each coin is weighed and measured to precision, and each bears an intricate design representative of the American story. From the production of the gorgeous, antique $20 Saint-Gaudens to that of the modern, gold American Eagles in this offer, the United States Mint upholds a standard of excellence across the decades. To own a U.S. gold coin is to own, not only some of the finest, purest gold in the world, but also a piece of American heritage.